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How to Rank in 2018: The SEO Checklist

How to Rank in 2018: The SEO Checklist 

There are many SEO tips that you can get from various sources, but we can guarantee our SEO guide of this one complete and easy to understand. Then, why do you need to update the latest SEO tips 2018? Because, basically, SEO tips are indeed continued to develop according to the existing development on search engines such as Google algorithm. This is why SEO experts continue to test a variety of ways to achieve high rankings in the search results page.
SEO itself is simply the process undertaken to optimize a page or your overall website for search engines. So what benefit SEO? Actually there are a lot of benefits that you can achieve. If you are on the first page of Google search results, there is the possibility of increasing web visitor. Why? Because Internet users tend to open the link page that is in the top rank on the first page of a search engine they use.
If you are engaged in e-commerce, it would be very advantageous because of visitors increased also means that prospective customers or potential clients increases.
So, if you already know the benefits that you can get from the SEO process, why not start now? Read our guidelines following a more complete!

RankBrain from Google

This system was officially released by Google in early 2015.
Google claims that RankBrain party became the third most important ranking factors, which may affect the search results on penelusurnya engine.

RankBrain is a learning machine - artificial intelligence that helps Google to process search results. Simply put, RankBrain work measure how users interact with search results, only then determine the ranking of the various existing page.

RankBrain focus on two important points:

How long a interner users spend time on your page
What is the percentage of users who click on a search result - your page
Of two things, we will discuss them one by one so that you know what optimization can be performed on it.

The first aspect was a matter of time called the Dwell Time. Based on the study published by Search Engine Land, Dwell Time Average nice to be into the top 10 Google search results is 3 minutes 10 seconds long. If you do not believe, try reviewing of Google Analytics.

Actually, the issue of Dwell Time is very reasonable to be a ranking factor. Why? Because if internet users spent enough time in the page or pages on your website, then the user is fond content. Now, more and more people are doing the same on your page, Google will boost the ranking of the content so that it can be easily searched by others.

So how to make visitors feel at home on your page? The first thing of course is to make sure your page can be displayed quickly. Otherwise, your visitors will leave your page. Actually, if you use a cheap but good hosting, you can ensure your page loading speed. In addition, if your website is crowded you can avoid the crash or slowing loading page.

Another thing to note is the content, of course you need to create engaging content and quality. This will be discussed in the next section. First, let us discuss the second aspect of RankBrain ie click through rate!

Click Through Rate (CTR)

As mentioned earlier in the second aspect RankBrain, CTR is concerned with how the percentage of users who click on a link in the search results. You need to consider your CTR, not only because of RankBrain but also the emergence of the types of search results in addition to a regular page link that contains your page.

We tried typing the keyword "cheap clothes" in the Google search engine. The result is a row are three types of search results as below:
Column sponsored search results by Google.

Column of the search results, ads are paid.

And, there is also a column of search results based on location as footage above. Column Answers Boxes, Ads, Carousels and "People also ask" would be more interesting for the user clicked by search engines unless you are trying to increase the chances of your CTR. How to?

First, you can change the title of the content becomes more attractive to click with include the numbers. Why? Because psychologically, most people like to be a list or so-called list. It has been a lot of research that could prove that the title contains the numbers can increase the percentage of CTR. In addition, try to post links in accordance with the descriptive title of your content. You can see an example on our content image thumbnails below:

Next, use words that are "emotional hook". For example, what are they? Words such as "sniper", "success", and so on. Although this way seem silly, nature of the markets are indeed showed more interest in the kinds of this kind.

Lastly, there is actually a way you can do to make Google do feature on your content so that your page so Featured Snippet, appeared in a special column and stay on top of Google.
Mobile-first from Google's Index

In November 2016, Google announced that they switched their focus to mobile users with "mobile-first index". It also means that Google will consider the mobile version of your website as an actual or major version of you.

Actually what Google is doing is very reasonable considering most searches performed comes from mobile devices. And the number or amount of use of mobile devices for search will certainly grow, as the number of mobile device usage itself.

This is why you must prepare your website for mobile-first index of Google. There are some simple steps you can do to prepare.

First, create your content appears consistent both desktop and mobile devices. Sometimes, people hide some of their content on a mobile version of their pages. They provide the "More" or "Click to read more". For Google, this will be a problem. You better show you 100% of your content in both versions, both on desktop and mobile.

Second, the m-dot migrate your domain into a website design that is more responsive. The reason now, Google has an index of the first desktop. If not, Google does not actually index your m-dot. Google just simply will annotate the corresponding m-dot, but no actual indexing of m-dot your content. So if you need to migrate from m-dot to www now. Later, Google does not need any index, only renew the annotations cell in order to declare that the primary web site is mobile-friendly because it is responsive.

Third, make sure your website is mobile-friendly in the sense that it can work both on smartphones and tablets. Display your website also needs to be raised to the maximum, according to the screen size of mobile devices are used. As we had discussed in the beginning about RankBrain, Google will actually measure the interaction between the user and your website.

  Comprehensive content

If the first Google will be more focused on how much and accurate keywords that you use the keywords entered into the search field, Google now become smarter with the development of the existing algorithms. Indeed, Google will continue to consider the keywords in the title tag, URL, image ALT text, Description Tag and Tag H1 Amun, how in-depth discussion on the content you will be the main thing to determine whether it will be indexed and displayed on a Google search results page.

Now the question is how to you can create content that deep or so-called "in-depth". There are several things that must be considered. First, extend your content. We are aware of a heated debate going on about how long the optimal content for search engines. But logically, how could page that contains only five lines about a topic can win the competition with content depth and complete other Google search results pages?

Matter how many words fit, we ourselves always strive least 2000 words on any content that we produce. As much as it is enough to accommodate all the info you need Google to index treatment.

Additionally, add the LSI keywords. What the LSI keywords? LSI keywords are whol words or phrases related to your main keyword. Suppose, you will discuss the topic "Healthhy Diet". LSI keywords then you are "nutrients", "prescription diet", "lose weight", and so on.

So, when Google find LSI keywords as much as possible, these smart machines will think your content is comprehensive and the most appropriate candidate to be displayed on the main page of search results.

The easiest way to find LSI keywords you is to try to look for your main keywords on Google and see related search results that appear at the bottom of your search results.

Video content

Content of the video is being crowded-crowded now be accessed by internet users. How can we be sure of this? We had read the report content created by HubSpot marketing which stated that there were 43% of the population of Internet users who want content such as video. In addition there is also forecast from Cisco published TechCrunch, said that in 2021 the online video will be 80% of traffic sources on the internet.

So, take advantage of the YouTube video platform ꟷ largest search volume search engines. There are many ways to utilize YouTube rating. You can be a lot of quotes and connect or build links to videos already on YouTube. Alternatively, you can also divide your focus to manage your YouTube account. Actually, you do not need to create YouTube videos on a regular basis, you should focus on is how little video you continue to generate an increasing amount viewer.

We also advise you to do the embedding video to a page on your website. Because it can withstand the visitors to spend more time on your page. As we have discussed previously associated RankBrain from Google.

Content with Link Quality

Link building itself is a business you connect the content or page to page content or another, either from your website to your own website or from your website to another website.

It is actually done so you can improve your website domain authority. Authority website is important for search engines such as Google can assess both your reputation. So, from where and to where you build links must be considered.

If you want to build links to other websites by slipping certain links in your content, the first thing that you need to look at is whether the other website was good repute. If the website has a lot of visitors, this usually means that the website was nice to be linked to your website. What are the specific advantages? Value domain authority or points you will be boosted by the website.

Additionally, if you build links to your own website, do not use the principle of click-bait if you do not want visitors to exit quickly from your page. Why is this so? When you use anchor text that does not match the content displayed the expected visitors, these visitors will be upset or disappointed and leave the page you link to it on your website.

Again, related RankBrain, keep your bounce-rate low. How so visitors linger on your page.


Through this article we've made, you've got a complete guide to the most updated about SEO. The development of search engine algorithms and trends among Internet users are very influential on the aspects of SEO that you need to consider and optimize. There are some things that are still an important aspect of the latest SEO. These things are like the comprehensive content creation and build quality links on your website. Some other things such as linking video content, CTR, mobile first-index and RankBrain of Google may not have known before. Indeed, there would be no instant results from the SEO process you do, but you need to start from now. Congratulations optimize your website! Good luck!

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